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Social Media Marketing

In today’s world social media is how people communicate and gather information. It’s a great way to get your businesses voice and to advertise new products and services. Good social media campaigns can significantly boost your website traffic and get people talking. It’s good for branding, your reputation and your wallet. 

The major social media players are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but depending on your industry there may be other social media sites where people are gathering information relevant to your business. There are also some lesser known social media sites like Google Plus that may be useful as well.

Creating Your Social Media Sites

If you haven’t created an account for your business the process is simple and easy. For sites like Facebook you will need a personal Facebook account and then build an official account from there. Instagram is the same way. Sites like Twitter don’t need a personal account and you can just sign up for free. Each social media account is free so you won’t have to worry about spending any money.

Navigate to each site and follow the steps to sign up. You will also need your logo and a cover photo. Cover photos should be relevant to your business, personally I like to put showcase pictures of your products.

Once you’ve signed up you can begin posting pictures, updates and start following other accounts. You can even join groups relevant to your business.

Social Media Strategies

As with everything we suggest coming up with a strategy first. We look at competitors and see what customers are currently saying about things in your industry. This helps you because you will know what types of content your customers like and share.

The most shared posts will give you insight as to what people like. The more shares and likes you get the more exposure your business will gain. 

In addition, depending on your industry there may be some lesser known social media platforms that you will want to sign up for. Check what your customers and competitors use and follow that pattern.

Social Media Campaign

Once you have the tone of what your users like to share you can start to match it and schedule out posts. Most social media platforms allow for scheduling however, if they don’t, Hootsuite is a great platform that allows you to schedule them out.

You will also have to start gathering pictures and videos to post out. Make sure they are high quality and they are things that people will want to share. 

As you go you can see what people like and don’t like and alter your campaigns from there. Using analytics you can also see how your efforts return into actual sales. 

Social Media Advertising

In addition to free posts that you can use to reach your customers you can also engage in social media advertising. This will target customers in your industry and be placed in their field of view. This is a great way to get your brand out there and to get people seeing your company with little effort. 

The best advertisements are videos as they grab people’s attention, but anything can be used. You can also set a budget and only spend a certain amount. 

How A&A Can Help

Our social media specialists are available to do anywhere from weekly, monthly, and daily posting. We are also available to do photography, videography and more with your posts. We will come up with a strategy and show you analytics on how our efforts are paying off.

Depending on how aggressive you want your campaign to be we charge monthly for our efforts. Campaign aggression can be altered at any time. Give us a call for a free consultation today!