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How Good Engineering Can Do More For Your Marketing Than Actual Marketing

Have you ever noticed that Google doesn’t actually market at all. When was the last time an advertisement was put out for Google’s Search? There’s a reason why.

Good engineering and a good platform speaks for itself.

With Bodybuilding Nation ( we helped them build a platform around their core business. While their core business is e-commerce, you wouldn’t even know it looking at Bodybuilding Nation. A whole social media platform around bodybuilding along with articles and more blew their business up to the point where they have put off their e-commerce business due to popularity.

Why do we harp on this? Because as the title of the article states, it’s good engineering that drove their business better than any marketing tactic could.

People Love Free Tools

Free platforms, tools and things to share their ideas are what get people coming back for more. We came up with a whole social media platform for them. Users can set up a profile, share their workouts, use others workouts and more.

Popularity of these free things causes a flood of traffic to your website. In addition, it reduces bounce rate and causes an immense amount of recurring traffic.

How Much Does A Good Engineer Cost?

While this all sounds like a great idea, engineers are very expensive, the average cost of a good engineer is 90k – 110k per year and that doesn’t include benefits. So what are your options for getting these tools available for you business?

That’s where outside software agencies come into play. They deal with the engineers and you just pay whatever bill is quoted to you. While it won’t be cheap by any means it beats hiring an engineer and the returns on traffic are well worth the money.

On average we see upwards to over 200% return on investment with good, free software.

How Do I Come Up With A Good Software Idea For My Industry?

While it’s not easy, take a look at what your customers could use most. If you own a car repair company perhaps it’s something that helps them get the best price on what repairs should cost.

For us, we chose a free website analyzer that allows people to see where they stand in the eyes of Google. It’s simple and actually is the most popular page on our website.

The idea is the hardest part. The rest comes easy and the statistics speak for themselves. If you need more ideas, we have experts ready and waiting at your disposal.

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