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Online Branding

Branding and Graphic Design go hand in hand. Online branding is all about being consistent throughout all platforms with your logos, colors and style. Doing this will allow people to eventually recognize your brand ensuring your style is synonymous with your brand. 

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is what ensures your brand is your brand. Make sure on all social media sites you use the same logo and tone when dealing with customers.

Going even further your brand should extend beyond your website. If you have a car repair shop your logo and colors should match what’s on your website so customers will know they have the right place. This goes for fliers, brochures and ads as well.

If you don’t have a website, when starting to brand, start by following what you currently have in your business. What you have for signs and colors around your shop is a good place to start. You can always upgrade your brand as you go.

Designing A Professional Brand

At A&A use the latest trends in branding to ensure we upgrade your brand to draw in clients. In addition, we get in contact with your clients and give them options to gauge interest. We even choose colors based on what your business does and how those colors make people feel. 

By the end of the contract we have measurable statistics on how the brand helped grab your business. Get in contact for a free consultation on how to further your brand today!