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Our Process


Research Phase

We start by hitting the ground running to analyze your current online marketing position. In addition, we take a look at your biggest competitors to see what they are doing that you can immediately improve on. Our ultimate goal is to hit what they’re doing and much more to eventually put you over the top in your online game.


Plan Phase

After analyzing your current situation and what your competitors are doing we hit the ground running planning out an action phase. Depending on the length of your contract with us we plan out each action item and a timeframe of what you can expect with your time working with us. We also plan out aggressive goals for us to hit that will ultimately increase your online business.


Implementation Phase

Based on the plan and action phases we set during the plan phase, we start working to hit our deadlines and your ultimate goals. This can include any of our services and much more that we outline in the plan and that is included in the original contract. Adding new services in the middle of the contract will require us to refine the strategy so it is recommended that we do a full strategic analysis to begin with.


Continuous Integration

After the main implementation is done we continuously refine our strategy and analyze the data presented to you to continue growth. By the end of our engagement you can choose to continue at a reduced price to continue to monitor and improve your online marketing.